Mission, Vision and Values


Salupro is a Purchasing Center of pet products whose objective is to improve the management of business in the sector, allowing our customers have the best conditions to compete in the market.


We have the firm objective of continuing to lead the sector, being the trusted distributor of professionals, both national and international.



The passion for animals is the engine of our work. At Salupro, we are enthusiastic about the animal world and one of our greatest motivations is knowing that we work for professionals who share these values.


In Salupro, we consider quality a differentiating factor. Our priority is to find products of proven quality while still obtaining the most beneficial prices from our suppliers for our customers.


As leaders in the sector, we know that offering an excellent service to our associates is a fundamental pillar. Our team of professionals is highly qualified to offer the best service and an unbeatable experience. The satisfaction of our associates is the key.


Salupro professes strong values in terms of animal protection and the preservation of the natural environment. With our daily work, we promote the best care of the animals and, in addition, part of our benefits are destined to protective institutions.


In order to anticipate market trends and discover the best products, a privileged position is necessary. As a leading company in the sector, we meticulously monitor the market’s current situation in order to respond to changes and new trends before anyone else.


A well-structured team, made up of trained professionals who work in harmony, is crucial to obtain the best results. Salupro is made up of a team of people who are passionate about the sector and aware of the importance of quality and the unbeatable service that characterizes our company.


Our work has always been based on the value of ideas. Therefore, we know that being open to new dynamics and work patterns allows us to respond quickly to changes in the market and the needs of our customers.