Why become a Salupro member

Main advantages for our customers

The best discounts on the purchase rates of all manufacturers

With the purchase volume that we obtain from all our clients, we become a great account for all the manufacturers and/or distributors at a national and international level, with a great power of negotiation that allows us to offer unbeatable conditions.


We have more than 3000 different references

To cover the complete product needs of our customers. That is to say, you have all the products and brands in a single supplier, a single invoice and a single shipment, which greatly simplifies the management of suppliers.


Without minimum order and free shipping from 80€

Buy only what you need, with the possibility of receiving it for free for orders over 80€ in the Community of Madrid and 150€ in the rest of the Peninsula.


Dropshipping Service: Direct shipping to your client

Do you want to set up your online store? We help you! For a fee of 50€ per month (+ VAT) we provide you:

  • File with more than 2500 products so you can import to your store.
  • Synchronization with our stock so that from the first day you have the product available for sale.
  • Very competitive shipping rates.
  • We prepare your order in our warehouse, including the packing material.

We collaborate with specialized companies to start up your store. For being a Salupro member, you will have a reduced rate! In a short time and without risk you can have your business operational.


Elimination of lost profits

Most professionals exhaust some references (usually the most sold of each brand) before being able to make the next order by having to reach a minimum volume with what sales and customers are lost. With us you do not need to make a minimum order to be able to buy and also to reach 150€ to have free shipping is very simple since we have more than 3000 fundamental references for any business.


We are your warehouse

The space in a sale point must be dedicated to the maximum for the exhibition of the product and to minimize the space for storage. Our delivery service in 24-48 hours allows our customers to replace the products almost daily and thus maximize their space and sales.


Shipments in 24-48h

We got to distribute to all points with road of Spain and Portugal. All of our submissions occur mostly before 24 hours of your orders and some within 48 hours.


Access to exclusive products and improvement of competitiveness

Exclusive and own brands , offering innovative products, high quality and the best margins on the market. It allow you to retain customers and protect your business from the threats of the sector (the big chains, the internet company and supermarkets).


Request more information now!

The first three months are totally free*. After that period, the rate that will apply will be only € 10 (+ VAT) per month.
*Applicable to the membership fee of € 10 (+ VAT) / month. The Dropshipping service fee is not subject to this promotion and must be paid from the first month.

Without permanence: We know that you will be satisfied with us, that is why, we do not force you to be part of Salupro if you are not convinced. You can unsubscribe whenever you want.

Being a Salupro member is very easy! Leave us your contact information through any of our communication channels and our team will contact you to guide you in the process and provide you with all the information you need.