Exclusive brands

As a leader in the sector, we study and select the best brands in the market to improve your product offer and to differentiate yourself from the competition quickly and easily. Therefore, we offer you the best international brands that you can only buy through Salupro, since we distribute them exclusively in Spain and Portugal.


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Salupro Brands

In our eagerness to improve the competitiveness in the market of our customers, we have made a selection of brands that will bring greater benefits to their businesses. The following brands are property of vet.salupro, so, since there are no intermediaries, we control their quality firsthand and can offer the best prices.

Fruit for Pets

The range of hygiene and cosmetic Fruit for Pets is designed to provide the best grooming and care for pets at unbeatable prices. Enriched shampoos, perfumes and hygiene products for daily use with the best value for money on the market.




For all those canine fighters who destroy everything, Salupro presents Radical. Radical toy line is made of highly resistant solid rubber, prepared to face the most powerful jaws. In addition to keeping your pet entertained, the action of biting and chewing will help preserve his mouth from tartar.


At Salupro, we have always believed in the importance of sustainability and caring for nature. We are convinced that we must work with the environment, not against it. Following this philosophy we present Econatural, a sustainable and ecological fantasy for your pet.

All our products are made with natural and durable materials, without elements harmful to the health of your best friend. Econatural is the best alternative for your pet to have the most natural experience.



Lovely and Soft

Adorable, soft and sweet. That’s how Salupro’s Lovely and Soft plushies are. Playing is not only a great source of exercise for pets, it also satisfies their natural biting and hunting instincts. The toys Lovely and Soft will be the perfect companion of your dog or cat thanks to the resistance and durability of its materials.

Siesta Time

Siesta Time is a dream come true for your pet. Its wide variety of designs and high quality materials guarantee the perfect bed for each dog. The higher category material repels moisture and its filling is made of fibers from recycled plastic bottles, so the bed can be simply put into the washing machine. Salupro’s Siesta Time beds are the perfect option for you and your pet to sleep peacefully