About us

Leaders since 2015 for the professional of the pet animal sector, the trust of our more than 1500 partners supports us. We seek, evaluate and select the best manufacturers and suppliers to offer the most competitive prices to professionals in the sector.


About us

UKY gave life to our company. Salupro was born in 2009 thanks to the influence of this adorable little dog and the conviction of being able to improve the work of millions of professionals in the animal sector.

Manufacturers offer more advantageous conditions to larger customers, while smaller ones lack attention and facilities. In Salupro we believe in the power of the association and for that reason we have realized that together, many professionals of the sector can come together to create an entity of greater importance in front of manufacturers and suppliers.

Another serious problem of little bussiness is the lack of space in their facilities, which compromises the variety and quantity of products they cam offer to their customers and their proper management. Our main warehouse has more than 1800m² and 18000m³ and, thanks to our logistics system, our customers receive their orders in 24-48h*. That way, they don’t need a large warehouse and can allocate as much space as possible to exhibition and sales.

We are market leaders in the distribution of products for pet professionals and, in our role as Purchasing Central, we deal with a large number of suppliers and reach more places. This wholesale approach supposes a reduction in costs and bigger discounts. As the volume of customers increases, we are able to negotiate better agreements with the manufacturers and improve our services and conditions.

We not only offer the best brands at unbeatable prices, we also look for the most innovative products for our customers. Because in Salupro we know the needs of the professionals in the sector and we anticipate them thanks to our continuous monitoring of the market.